The 2018 CIGO Summit

9th & 10th May, 2018


9th & 10th May, 2018 08:00 am - 04:00 pm


DBR Skyview Conference Center
191 N. Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606-1698
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9th May 2018

2:00 pm
Registration, Meet and Greet, CIGO Summit Sponsor Discussions - 37th Floor
3:30 pm
Welcome Exercise: What Do We Want to Accomplish at the 2018 CIGO Summit? - 37th Floor

10th May 2018

8:00 am
Registration, Continental Breakfast, Exhibits and Networking - 37th Floor
8:40 am
Welcome to Day Two of the 2018 CIGO Summit: Introducing the State of IG Report, Volume III - 37th Floor
9:10 am
Surprising Ways Leadership Makes Information Governance Successful - 37th Floor
9:30 am
IG Leadership in a Time of Transformation: Robots, Blockchains, and IoT Devices, Oh My! - 37th Floor
10:00 am
A Project-based Approach to Establishing an IG Program - 37th Floor
10:20 am
GDPR: This Changes Everything - 37th Floor
10:30 am
Energy Break, IG Provider Discussions, and Boardroom Meetings - 37th Floor
11:00 am
The Road to Information Governance: How a Litigator Became an IG Leader - 37th Floor
11:20 am
From Reactive to Proactive Discovery: 3 Stories of Innovation - 37th Floor
11:30 am
The Marine Corps Methods for Attaining a Unified Approach in Multi-Disciplinary Environments - 37th Floor
11:50 am
Lunch - 37th Floor
12:50 pm
Analytics in IG Goes Mainstream: A Look Under the Covers via CTRL’s 3rd Annual In-House Survey - 37th Floor
1:00 pm
An IG Approach to Complying with New Regulatory Requirements - 37th Floor
1:20 pm
Revolutionizing In-house Legal Strategy Through the Use of Analytics - 37th Floor
1:40 pm
Energy Break, IG Provider Discussions, and Boardroom Meetings - 37th Floor
2:10 pm
Organically Maturing Information Governance - Leveraging Existing, Cross-Functional Efforts to Achieve Objectives and Demonstrate Collaborative Success - 37th Floor
2:30 pm
The Business of Information Governance: Defining the Leadership Model and Strategic Priorities to Drive Progress - 37th Floor
2:50 pm
Discussing the role of a DPO under GDPR - 37th Floor
3:10 pm
Countdown: The Top 10 Do's & Don'ts When Building Your IG Team - 37th Floor
3:30 pm
Closing CIGO Summit 2018: What Did We Learn and What's Next? - 37th Floor